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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Foster Mother Has Sex with 15-year-old Foster Son

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I was hesitant to write about this story because 15-year-old John Doe was not taken from a loving family by force or trickery, as are most children in foster care; He was voluntarily turned over to the state, at 14 years of age, by his trifling mother, Paula. Nevertheless, John Doe's story also supports the underlying premise of the stories that I feature on my blog ... FOSTER CARE DOES MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD!

Having stated the above, let's begin with Ms. Paula ... the mother of John Doe. Judging from published reports, this mother was no June Cleaver. She had a bunch of kids, at least seven, and a host of other issues ... to include struggling with "depression, drinking, and marijuana use." Thanks to Paula, the state of Minnesota was able to generate a lot of money from this family. After she voluntarily turned John Doe over to the state, Child Protective Services (CPS) also took custody of the remaining six children. Can you say ... SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! I will not go into how much each child in foster care is worth, in terms of federal funding and incentives, because thanks to many books written on this topic, the information is readily available to anyone interested. Although I do not agree with journalist Jeanne Sinclair-Krause's conclusion, her book Remember Cynthia Rose is an excellent resource tool. This book provides charts, statistics, links, facts, and personal stories of those fighting for their beloved children and grandchildren.

Everything that I have read about John Doe indicates that he lived an extremely tough life ... both at home and in foster care, naturally. It was reported that he suffered a broken nose and ribs while being shuffled from house to house during his stay in foster care -- which is designed to "rescue" children from abuse and neglect at home ... go figure! Anyway, I can imagine that John Doe was excited when his counselor, Jennifer Dianne Anderson, at Bar-None residential treatment center in the city of Anoka offered to take him into her home. He would finally be free from abuse and neglect ... or so he thought. Aren't there laws to prevent social workers, therapists, and counselors, from taking the very children that they are being paid to help into their own homes? If not, there should be. This is like having my gynecologist ask me out on a date ... yuck! There are some lines that just should not be crossed. Ok, I'll admit my analogy may be a bit extreme ... but you get the point.

John Doe was quite naturally impressed with Anderson's large home in the country and the idea of having his own bedroom, nice clothes, money, and other material things that his struggling mother was unable to provide -- what child wouldn't be. According to published reports, the sexual abuse of John Doe started almost immediately after he moved into Anderson's home. I guess Anderson's husband was frequently away on business or spent too many hours in the office trying to pay for their large and luxurious country home. It's been said many, many times -- while the cats away ... the mice will play!

As a result of the abuse suffered while in the "protective" custody of the state, John Doe was forced to runaway from the Anderson's home. He lived on the street as a runaway until his 18th birthday and did not finish High School, courtesy of published reports. I guess herding thousands of children like cattle for the state ... where they are being abused and neglected, far more than they ever were at home, if they were in fact being abused and neglected at home, doesn't seem to benefit anyone but foster care providers, the state, and others closely associated with juvenile "justice." For those of you unfamiliar with juvenile "justice," this would include judges, attorneys for the state, guardians ad litem (GALs), court appointed psychiatrist, counselors, doctors, and all other co-conspirators that I have failed to mention ... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Read and reflect ... because they are the only people benefiting from this broken system -- the system sure isn't helping our missing and exploited children.

Jennifer Dianne Anderson ... SHAME ON YOU! Wow, and these are the people protecting our children.


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