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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Spank Your Child Go To Jail

Congresswoman Sally Lieber (D-CA 22nd) has plans to introduce legislation that would allow the authorities to arrest and/or fine ($1,000) parents who are caught spanking their children, if the child is under three years of age. If you are not familiar with the proposal by Ms. Lieber who reigns in the Mountain View California area ... zip code 94035, please read the links below. I have also posted my personal letter to Ms. Lieber.

This letter will be brief and hopefully direct without being rude. I just read a recent newspaper article of your proposal to ban the spanking of children under three years of age.

Let me begin by saying that if God does not step in soon, our Legislators here in the U.S. will collectively destroy life as we knew it. When and where do we draw the line on government interference or intrusion in family matters? We have social workers pulling children out of class to question them without parental consent. Social workers, acting on "suspicion," removing children from their schools or simply interrogating them while at school. Social workers are taking children to CPS endorsed clinics to be "checked out," without parental permission ... also based on "suspicion" or "allegations." Our juvenile courts are issuing orders to remove children from their homes, schools, and families ... without a parent ever being charged or convicted of a crime -- And, they do not have to tell parents where their children are being held captive. Once in the custody of the state, strangers are allowed to determine your child's religious affiliation, educational path, their association, their manner of dress, and even their "family." Acting on no verifiable proof, "law" enforcement agents and other "professionals" are able to bombard their way into our homes, at gunpoint, and seize our children ... once again, without the parent ever being charged or convicted of harming the child. And God forbid you fail or refuse to follow doctor's orders that your child be placed on mind-altering psychotropic drugs -- the courts will simply issue an order, supporting the doctor, to seize and medicate your child without your permission.

Now you want to criminalize parents for spanking their children?! What's next!! Will we all be required to have Nanny Cams in our homes to make sure that we are not spanking our children? If so, will laws also be passed to require us to have cameras in our cars as well? If you want to "protect" children, pass legislation to put cameras in the classroom, daycare centers, and everywhere strangers are allowed to "care" for our children.

With all the crime and injustice taking place in our world, I cannot believe our lawmakers are spending their time on such trivial matters. Yes, I said trivial. Abuse and loving, corrective, discipline ARE NOT the same thing! I was raised in a home with two parents and yes we were spanked. Actually, in Black communities most of our children are not simply spanked ... we get whippings. I never bled from a whipping ... I never had broken bones, as a result of a whipping ... I never went to school with black-eyes from a whipping ... nor did I go to school with bruises or burns. I may have had a sore tushy for awhile ... but that's it. And most importantly, I had the love of my parents. Although whippings were rare in our home, we did get them. My siblings and I knew that our parents loved us and were disciplining us because we were misbehaving -- where is the abuse in that?!

Having stated the above, I find it sad that those that were beaten as children are now in positions of power that they are not able to effectively and with impartiality handle. Many of you are biased and jaded due to your own unfortunate life/childhood experiences ... and now feel the need to "save the world" or to "rescue" little "abused and neglected" children. Many of you have lived very sheltered and privileged lives and now walk through life with blinders on ... hoping to mold the world based on your very narrow and limited perspective -- sad, sad, sad. My hope is that every lawmaker passing bills that will forever affect the lives of children and their families, actually have children of their own.

Once the parents have been arrested, what will happen to their children? Is this just another clever scam to separate children from their parents, thereby, placing them in foster care ... which would then generate more money for the state? Or maybe this is just a clever scam to ensure more CPS involvement in our homes. I assume that with the arrest for spanking, there would be a subsequent requirement to take parenting classes ... courtesy of child protective services? And, the agreement that parents will abide by the rules set by CPS social workers or run the risk of losing their children permanently. If the parents fail to comply with the case plan(s) set by CPS, naturally, parental rights would immediately be terminated and the children "freed" for adoption; This, of course, would also generate federal bonuses to those that are "qualified" to parent ... i.e., those with money, as well as agents working for and with CPS.

Let me ask you ... why the slow torture of Black and Hispanic families? You should just pass a mandatory bill to sterilize everyone of reproductive age unless they fall within a certain income bracket!

It is a well known fact that most Black families spank/whip their children -- Is the new Spanking Ban a covert way to punish Black families for doing so? It is also a known fact that most Black families have a spiritual base, therefore, respecting and obeying God's word the Bible and its admonishment not to spare the rod of discipline. I will not quote the various scriptures on discipline because I am sure you either know, have read, or can look them up.

I understand that you attribute the ever increasing violence in our society to spanking ... which, according to you, teaches violence. I guess you will eventually introduce legislation to ban certain music, videos, movies and television programs as well. To be quite honest with you, I think they do more damage to society than spankings ever could! And because some attribute the violent crime of rape to the clothes worn by women, I guess you will also ban certain types of clothing.

Not that it makes a bit of difference -- this is just my opinion,


FYI: A lot of our little Black children are walking, talking, dancing, cussing ... and can sing every popular song on the radio by age two. This law would require Black Families to wait well into their children's formative years before introducing discipline? If not, let me guess ... we will all be required to use the "Time Out" method of discipline ... because that's what you or your parents used in your homes? Give me a break!

For more information on this issue, please visit the links below:

[Sally Lieber's Biography] Although she appears to be childless ... she is the "guardian of an astute black-and-white cat." Can you believe this?! And this is the woman making decisions that will forever alter or destroy the lives of many, many children and their parents!

If you, like me, have had enough ... lets support the effort to recall Sally Lieber and ALL current and future candidates for political offices that DO NOT support family preservation -- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! [Additional Update] Recall petition was suspended but please add your comments to the guestbook.